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  07/06/17 1:13:12 PM

The educational kit entitled, "COTTON: The Story," is available to US educators.
The kit, along with all of our materials, are made possible by Georgia cotton growers' assessment dollars through our Education and Promotion Program.      




 The kits are not for sale; however, on behalf of Georgia's cotton growers, the Commission is pleased to provide one, at no charge, as outlined below in the section entitled, Kit Requests & Fulfillment  

Contents of the kit include: 

  •  A Teaching Guide 
  • Examples of a cotton boll, miniature cotton bale, cotton lint, cottonseeds, and finished textile swatches  
  • A nine minute video entitled, COTTON: From Field to Fabric on a USB drive
  • A colorful poster 
  • 1 copy each of the following literature (for photocopying, as needed): COTTON: The Story, COTTON: The Perennial Patriot, COTTON: From Field to Fabric, Growing Cotton, What Can You Make from a Bale of Cotton?, COTTONSEED: The Inside Story

 Kit Requests & Fulfillment - Fulfillment is not limited to the following most common educational entities but please describe your teaching situation and provide your contact/shipping information with your request. 

 1.  1 KIT PER SCHOOL, as requested by a teacher in that school, after providing the following information to info@georgiacotton.org 
       (a) SCHOOL'S - Complete physical address (for shipping) and telephone number
       (b) YOUR NAME - Cell or land telephone number, in case we have question and your email address, at school. 
The kit will be sent to your attention at the school's address.  When you receive a kit, we ask that you keep it in the media center for the use of all teachers in your school.  Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.    

 2.  1 KIT PER COUNTY EXTENSION OFFICE and 1 KIT PER GEORGIA FARM BUREAU COUNTY OFFICE.  Please provide the following information to info@georgiacotton.org
       (a) COUNTY OFFICE'S - Name -  Complete physical address (for shipping) and telephone number
       (b) YOUR NAME and email address
We ask that you share the kit, as needed, within your county's program.  Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.          

We hope this educational tool will enhance your teaching experience and your students' awareness of cotton as the origin of many items in their daily lives and its importance to our nation's economy.    

The Georgia Cotton Commission and Georgia's cotton growers appreciate your interest in educating your students about cotton. 

Please direct questions to info@georgiacotton.org or call 478.988.4235 








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