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Farm Bill Information  08/25/16 9:13:42 AM

General Resources
Cotton Ginning Cost-Share Program Fact Sheet

USDA Farm Bill info page

USDA RMA Farm Bill Page

USDA FSA Farm Bill Page

FSA: 2014 ARC and PLC Base Reallocation Provisions

Farm Bill Decision Tools

Articles of interest
Brazil WTO Case Behind Changes in Cotton Policy
Guest Editorial: Cotton Industry Faces Multiple Challenges to Maintain Reasonable Farm Policy
Farm Program Countdown
Farm Bill: Who Takes the Risk and Who Makes Decisions?
Farm Bill Update: Decisions With and Without Web-Based Decision Aid
Mark Lange Outlines 2014 Farm Bill and Challenges for Cotton Farmers
Farm Bill Implementation: The Long Process Continues...
Important Farm Bill Deadlines Approaching
FSA Announces New Yield Data for Safety Net Calculations
How Your Program Yield Compares to Your County's Yield May Matter When Deciding on PLC or County ARC
Watch Marketing Year Average Price to Help Farm Bill Decisions
No 'Silver Bullet' in the 2014 Farm Bill
STAX or SCO? Another Decision for Cotton Producers
Producers Must Watch Payment Totals More Closely in 2014 Farm Bill
Farmers Looking for Answers on 'Magic' Acres in New Farm Bill Programs
Budget Concerns Play Big Role in Farm Policy
Make Sure Conservation Compliance Up to Date with FSA
Farm Bill: What You Need to do to Start Getting Benefits
Decision Time
USDA to Launch New Farm Bill Program to Help Provide Relief to Farmers Affected by Severe Weather
Farm Bill Conteingency Plans
NCC Responds to Post Editorial Regarding Brazil WTO Case
USDA FSA Announces Key Dates for 2014 Farm Bill Programs
Farm Bil; Ag Economy; and, Biotech
Crop Insurance Focus for Cotton In Farm Program
Farmers Insist RMA Has Ample Time to Implement APH Adjustment for 2015
New Farm Programs Require More Thought
STAX for Cotton Ready for 2015 Crop
Cotton Transition Assistance Program Enrollment Begins Next Week

PLC, ARC Selection Date Still Months Away
Online Tool Helps Farmers Weigh Preliminary Options in Farm Bill
Ag Secretary Provides Update on Farm Bill Programs
Implementation of Farm Bill Continues
Texas A&M Decision Aid to Offer Farm Program Analysis
Farm Law Implementation Continues
Estimated Timeline for Farm Bill Implementation for Crops

Videos of Interest
Working Through the New Farm Bill, Wins, Losses: Part I
Working Through the New Farm Bill, Wins, Losses: Part II
Working Through the New Farm Bill, Wins, Losses: Part III
Weighing in on the Farm Bill Safety Net: Part I

Weighing in on the Farm Bill Safety Net: Part II
Weighing in on the Farm Bill Safety Net: Part III

Georgia Farm Bureau: Farm Bill Info Meeting
Ag in Uncertain Times Series: Farm Bill Webinars
Surving the Farm Bill Part 1
Surving the Farm Bill Part 2
Surving the Farm Bill Part 3
Surving the Farm Bill Part 4
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