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GCC Approves Research Project

Conaway Disappointed Cotton, Dairy Farmers Left in the Lurch

High-quality Cotton Attracting Export Demand, Higher Prices

Congressman Bishop, "Southeast Ag is a Bit Different"

NCC Extremely Disappointed With Exclusion of Cottonseed Policy from Omnibus

Planting Intentions Report Shows More Cotton in 2017

Fighting Bad PR with 'Bolls of Steel'

WOTUS Case Continues

NCC Chair Pushes to Bring Cotton Back Into ARC/PLC Programs

House Ag Committee Examines Impacts of Tax Code on Ag Industry

Hembree Chairs Cotton Panel

CSP Contract Renewal Sign-Up Underway

EPA Denies Petition to Ban Insecticide Chlorpyrifos

NCC: Meeting the Need

Cotton's Fight to Regain Markets Appears to be Paying Dividends

China to Start Sales From Cotton Reserves on March 6

NCC Looking for Ways to Help US Cotton Survive

USDA: Consumption Exceeding Production in the Global Cotton Industry

Flexible Marketing Plans Needed for New Crop Cotton

Culpepper: Managing Pigweed with New Herbicide Systems

Reasons for Expected Increase in Cotton Acreage

Tate Re-Elected American Cotton Producers Chair

Georgia Cotton Industry Pleased With Special Master's Recommendation

A Lot Going On And A Lot to Digest

Georgia Weeds: Addressing Questions on Pesticide Training

Arrington Calls for Less Regulation, Orderly Transition for Health Care

Ag Chairman: Cotton Will Account for Biggest Change in Next Farm Bill

10% More Cotton Acres in 2017?

Ronnie Lee to Lead the National Cotton Council in 2017

Kent Fountain is National Ginner Award Recipient

Georgia Represented on National Cotton Council

Water War: Georgia Asked to Consider Importing Water

Vilsack Endorses Agriculture Secretary Nominee Sonny Perdue

Will Higher Cotton Supplies Push Prices Down

Georgia Cotton Industry Meets in Tifton

PERC Offering Up to $5,000 to Convert to Propane

Stronger Safety Net is Goal for NCC

Changes on Horizon for Cotton Quality Insurance Provisions

Cotton Market in 2017: Expect More of the Same

Yes, Ag Industry Mergers Could Increase Commodity Seed Prices

NCC Looks for Changes in Next Farm Bill Concerning Oilseeds

Cotton Poised to Gain Ground in 2017

Register Now for Georgia Cotton Commission Annual Meeting

Cotton and Soybeans Plantings May Increase This Year

Confronting Multiple Challenges

A 2017 Farm Bill Would Address Cotton, Dairy Issues

Chairman Conaway Scheduled to Speak at Beltwide

Challenging Year for Georgia Cotton Producers

Cotton Production Forecast Up 2% from November

Cotton Exports Increasing

Brutal Drought Sparks Wildfires, Water Restrictions Across Southeast

Research Efforts on Insects in Georgia Cotton

Possible Change to Estate Tax Calculations

Dicamba Registered for Cotton

Georgia Cotton Commission Preparing for 10th Annual Meeting

Still a Lot to be Determined in Congress

USDA To Collect Final 2016 Crop Production and Crop Stocks Data

No Off-Label Dicamba Complaints Reported in Georgia

Supreme Court to Review FL vs. GA Water Dispute

Georgia Cotton Growers Reminded to Document Storm Damage

Georgia Cotton Commission Learns More About Storm Damage

Improve Nutrient Testing and Management

Georgia Cotton Commission Concerned with Possible Effects of Matthew

NCC Focusing on Passage of Ag Appropriations Bill

GFB Foundation Offering Up to $60,500 in Scholarships

Market Weakens as Prices Begin to Slide

NCC Urges Cotton Quality Maintenance Following Rain Events

Research Efforts on Bug Issues in Georgia Cotton

National Cotton Council Following Merger Proposals

Georgia Cotton Fields Vary in 2016

Mergers Could Result in Cotton Seed Price Surge

With New Auxin Herbicides, Resistance Likely and a Priority Concern

Bacterial Blight: What You Need to Know

Defoliation Tips, Hints and Specs

Field Research Day Proves Successful for Farmers

Georgia Cotton & Peanut Commission Held Field Day

NCC Working to Protect US Agriculture's Interest

Georgia Growers Attend Cotton and Peanut Field Day

When to Terminate Insecticide Applications in Cotton

Georgia Cotton, Peanut Research Field Day Sept. 7

Passing 2018 Farm Bill May Take Different Track, Sen. Boozman Says

Cottonseed as an Oilseed Remains Top Issue for NCC

US Cotton Industry Takes on Contamination Issue

A 'Contamination Prevention Alert' from the National Cotton Council

A Surprising Cotton Market Situation

Some GA Cotton Fields Still Need Rain

China Will Import Cotton Again in a Big Way

Cotton Bacterial Blight is Back and This is What You Need to Know

Give STAX Program Time Before Making Big Change

Farm Bill 2018: Let the Politics Begin

Cotton Council Delegation Hears Praise for US Cotton Quality

Don't Count Out 80-Cent Cotton

Cleveland: Feed This Hungry Cotton Market Now!

The Synthetics Wars: Cotton's Biggest Challenge

Belt Stocks Can Be Used as EPA Cancels Insecticide's Registration

Cotton Board Chairman Excited About New Opportunities

Farming by the Numbers

NCC Continuing to Seek a Path for Cottonseed 'Other Oilseed' Designation

Appointments to Serve on the Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commissions

Georgia Cotton Commission Approves Budget

Cotton's Market Decline? Blame Yoga Pants

Georgia Cotton Acreage Up This Year

Senate GMO Vote Important to Cotton Industry

If You Got a Bad Cotton Stand, You're Not Alone and Here's Why

Georgia Cotton: Pigweed Management Cutting Into Farmers' Profits

Sunbelt Leaders to Tour Idaho Agricultural Operations

USDA Seeks Cotton Board Nominees

Get the Details of New Cotton Ginning Cost-Share Program

GCC Applauds USDA For Cotton Ginning Cost-Share Program

Planting Progress, China's Reserve Auctions Driving Market

Prices Get a Much Needed Bounce

Proposed Transform Label Drops Cotton

Why Are US Cotton Growers Planting More Acres?

Lamar Black's Biomass Still Stopping Pigweed

Can Cotton's Unfortunate Policy Situation Ever Be Changed?

Make China Pay Price for Cotton Market Misdeeds

GA Dept. of Ag: Cotton Gin Memo

Cotton Council Disputes Anti-Dumping Investigation

Chairman Conaway Condemns Turkish Cotton Investigation

US Decline Mirrors Fall in Chinese Cotton Import Numbers: Part 1

US Cotton Industry Says Little Evidence of Dumping in Turkish Market

Cotton Producers Troubles

Georgia Cotton Commission Research Projects Continue

American Cotton Producers Get Updates on Issues Confronting Cotton

Turkish Duty on US Cotton to Hurt Its Own Textile Exporters

Surprise US 'Gotcha', China Quality Fears Revive Cotton Price Rally

NCC Disputes Findings in Turkish Anit-Dumping Investigation

China's Reserve Plans-Good News, Bad News?

Lygus Trait Could Be New Way to Stop Cotton Plant Bugs and Thrips

Publication: Managing Thrips in Cotton: Research in the Southeast Region

Online Seminar: Mangaging Thrips in Cotton: Research in the Southeast Region

Stay Legal with Herbicides if You Plant New Tolerant Cotton

3 Mistakes with Cotton Product Labels to Avoid

Cotton Industry Facing Competition

US Cotton Growers Struggle with Changing Demand

Cotton-tastrophe Averted?

El Nino is on the way out, so what can farmers expect?

Examining Cotton's Points of Interest

Of Demand, Adidas, and Planting Intentions

Riding Out Cotton's Flooded Market

Cotton Futures Hold Gains, Amid Doubts Over US Sowing Hopes

To Market 2016 Cotton: Look for Small Price Blips

March Rainfall Could Mean More Cotton Acreage

Manmade Fibers Account for a Growing Share of Textile Imports

USDA Projects 9.56 Million Cotton Acres in 2016

Prospective Planting: Southeast corn up, peanuts down, cotton steady

Planting Intensions Report Shows More Cotton in 2016

Informative Videos from Georgia Cotton Commission

Georgia Cotton Farmers Renew Their Marketing Order

Chinese Cotton Imports Plumment, As Markets Await Auction Details

Cotton Spin: USDA Report Declares Neutrality

New Commodity Certificate Exchange Rules and What You Need to Know

Marriot: All Towels at US Hotels Will be Made in USA

Cleveland: Quality Premiums are Coming

Georgia Cotton: Sound Fertilizer Program Crucial with Low Prices

UGA Researcher Depends on Georgia Cotton Commission

Vilsack Says CTAP Program Could Offer Help to Cotton Producers-If...

Shurley on Cotton: Prices "Lost in Space"

No Moral Victories in the Market

Cotton Spin: How Much Cotton Will be Planted This Year?

More Cotton Acres Expected This Spring

Thrips Continue to Drive Seed Treatment Use

Look for Savings in the Right Places

For Cotton: Be Patient, Cautious, Alert as China Depletes Reserves

Stephens Ready to Face Cotton's Challenges

11 Considerations for Using Poultry Litter in Cotton

Cotton Ginning Cost-Share Program for Farmers Floats in Washington

Conaway: Ag Secretary Can Relieve Crisis in Cotton Country

Vilsack Explains Why Cotton Can't Qualify for ARC/PLC

Cotton Farmers Get Warned

A Look at the Decade Ahead for US Cotton

Good Attendance at GA Cotton Production Meetings

Market Still Bearish, as Prices Tick Upward

Cotton Farmers, Voting for the Referendum

Georgia Cotton Producer Urges Others to Vote

Georgia Cotton Enterprise Budgets Available Online

Vilsack Explains Cottonseed Decision

NCC Statement Regarding Secretary's Cottonseed Remarks

Chairman Conaway Statement on Sec. Vilsack's Comments Regarding Cotton Crisis

Teel Warbington: CEO of Family Farming Business and High Cotton Winner

Commodity Certificates Now Available for Redeeming Cotton Marketing Loans

Georgia Farmers Advised to Tend to Maintenance Issues Now

Polyester Prices Hurting Cotton's Market Share

Farm Bureau Looking at Other Options for Cottonseed

Weakening Demand, Big Supplies and China Dog Cotton Market

A Brutal Month for Prices

China to Lose, to Vietnam, Top Rank Among Cotton Importers

2016 Beltwide Wrap-UpGeorgia Cotton Industry Meets in Tifton

Secretary Appoints New, Diverse Leadership to The Cotton Board

What Are the Issues That Concern Cotton Farmers in 2016?

Growers Express Concerns in CI's Natural Resource Survey

Nematode-Resistant Cotton Varieties Cut Losses

Cleveland: Feeling Bearish and Blue

Survey Shows Cotton Producers Could Increase Acres in 2016

How to Protect New Technologies From Resistant Weeds

Cotton Market Outlook: More of the Same?

USDA Continuing to Study Request by Cotton Industry

Cotton Spin: The Dance of Demand: Things That Need to Happen

Spite Pigweed! Do You Agree With These Cotton Farmers?

Cleveland: "Stuck in the Mud" Market Remains Tiresome

Krysta Harden, a 'Georgia farm girl,' Leaving USDA

Shurley on Cotton: Prices Still Low, but Find Stability

Commissioner Black Urges USDA to Designate Cottonseed as "Other Oilseed"

China Cotton Inports Down 40%

US Cotton Industry Tries to Avoid Economic Disaster...Again

China Considering Sale of Cotton Reserves

Survey Points to Moderate Acreage Gains for Cotton in 2016

Decision Coming Soon on Allowing Cottonseed Into Farm Programs

Open Mic: Dr. Gary Adams - National Cotton Council

Cotton Futures Lose Ground Amid New China Worries

NCC Challenges EPA to Consider Valid Scientific Data on Chlorpyrifos

EPA Releases Phase One Neonic Testing Results

Georgia's Bart Davis Thirty-Four Cotton Crops and Counting

Southern Hemisphere 2015/16 Plantings in Full Swing

Cottonseed Products Feel the Acreage Squeeze

Sledge Taylor Receives 2015 Cotton Grower Achievement Award

Stagnant Prices and Demand are Frustrating

11 Cotton Things 2015 Taught Us That You Need to Remember

Soy Growers Back Proposal to Designate Cottonseed as Oilseed

High-Grade Cotton Should Get a Premium

Georgia Cotton Commission Pleased with Lawmakers Efforts

Bipartisan Coalition of 100 Lawmakers Urge USDA to Take Action on Cottonseed

Africa Nations to Consider Cotton Case if Nairobi Talks Fail

Pressure Builds for USDA to Act to Help US Cotton Farmers

2015: The Year in Washington

2015: The Year in Cotton Demand

Cottonseed Called 'Oilseed' Under Farm Bill Would Help Stressed Farmers

Cotton Spin: Wrapping Up the 2015 Season

Hitting a Wall at 65 Cents

Market Rises, Then Slips, Following USDA Report

US Lawmakers Ask Obama Administration for Cotton Price Support

Is Cotton In Trouble?

Farmers Contend with Sour Farm Economy, Weak Exports and Ag Policy Critics

Cotton Prices Pare Gains, Despite Cut to World Stocks Estimate

China Curbing Cotton Imports as Top User Buying More Yarn

Neil Lee Family Man, Country Music Fan, Cotton Farmer

App for Irrigating Cotton Among New Features at 2016 Beltwide

Playing Around With Your 2016 Marketing Plan

Bull's Attitude-'Sharpen Up the Horns, But Feed a Rising Market'

STAX: A By-the-Numbers Look at Its First Year

New Generation Grower Keeps Positives Outlook for Cotton

Growth in World Cotton Consumption Slows

Young Guns Encouraged to Tour Cotton Incorporated

Ag Reacts to Loss of Transform (Sulfoxaflor)

FDA Refuses to Require GMO Labeling

Cotton Market Blahs: USDA's Neutral November Report

Ag Groups to Lawmakers: Make Section 179, Tax Extenders Priority

2016 Cotton Crop Management Starts Now

Deciphering How We Perceive Textiles

Cotton Farmers Seek PLC Option for Cottonseed

Slight Reduction to Cotton Production Forecast

No Change to Georgia Cotton Production Forecast

Keeping Cotton Competitive

7 Things to do Now for Better 2016 Cotton

Cotton Spin: Wonder and Worry Over Cotton Market Outlook

NCC: No More Constraints on US Cotton Policy

Modifications Announced for STAX Insurance Product in 2016

ICA Discusses Cotton's Hottest Topics at Trade Event

Cotton Variety Selections ABCs

Foreign Governments Outspending US on Cotton Subsidies Four-to-One

Choosing a Cotton Variety for 2016

Georgia Gets a New Cotton Agronomist

Looking Once Again for 4-Wheel Drive

Treats, Not Tricks, Appearing in the Cotton Market

Cotton Needs a New Hula Hoop to Spin Prices Higher

Recognize the Realities

Spotted in Georgia-Cotton Museum

GCC Pleased with Congressional Staff Tour

Learning More About the Cotton Industry

Global Cotton Game Changing With Different Players

Lee Flies to Help Cotton

House Passes Bipartisan Budget Agreement

Cotton Boll/Consumer Judging

From Memphis to Malaysia, Cotton Goes Global With New ICE Contract

Georgia Cotton Commission Holds Congressional Staff Tour

Chinese Cotton Demand Hits All-Time Low

Cotton Varieties: The Technology Behind Picking the Winners and Losers

No Quick Fixes in Sight for Cotton

Rocky Top and Rocky Road

Priaxor Receives Cotton Label

USDA Issues Deregulation Decision on Enlist Cotton Trait

NASS Adjust Cotton Forecast

Market Underpriced, as USDA Drops Production Estimates

Slight Revision to Cotton Production Forecast

Cotton Spin: Where are Cotton Prices Headed?

Cottonseed Should Get a Commodity Designation

China's Cotton Contradictions and the Need for Quality Fiber

Winning the War

Market Determined to Defend 60 Cent Mark

Check Wet Cotton Fields for Seed Sprouting

Georgia Cotton at the Fair

Cotton Prices Inching Higher

Website Provides Southeast Cotton Info and More

BWCC to Address Weed Problems

A Look at China's Cotton Consumption

Georgia Cotton Commission Promoting Website

Higher Quality Cotton is a Must for US Cotton Industry

Be Prepared When OSHA Visits Your Gin

Yes, It's Time to Make Your 2016 Farm Financial Plan

Nematode Finding Could Advance Plant Resistance Research

Quality Will Push Market in Due Time

Southern Ag Economist Huddle in Atlanta, Sound Warning

Global Spinners Group Tours US Cotton Operations

German Textile Supplier Headed to Perry Georgia

Have Prices Reached Yogi's Fork in the Road?

Weak Demand Drops Heavy Hand on Cotton Market

Defoliating Early Cotton While Preventing Regrowth Can be Hard to Do

Georgia Cotton Commission Chairman Pleased with Research Efforts

Rotating Peanuts, Cotton, and Bahia Grass

Georgia Growers Learn More About Cotton Bolls

Update on Baterial Leaf Spot

India to be Topmost Global Cotton Producer in 2015/16

2016 Could Deepen Crop Farmers' Finacial Challenges

NCC Says Report on US Cotton Policies Misleading

ICE Futures US to Introduce World Cotton Contract Nov 2

Southeast Georgia Farmers Learn About Research Projects at UGA Farm

Key Textile Customers to See US Cotton's Advantages

China's Market Manipulations Nothing New to America's Farmers

Cotton, Water Use, Thrips and Pigweed

Road to Higher Cotton Prices Filled with Potholes

'Following the Herd' is Helping Keep Cotton Prices Under Wraps

Market Still Searching for Quality Cotton

Foreign Ag Subsidies Impact US Farmers' Bottom Lines

Cotton Incorporated Experts to Discuss Efforts to Increase Cotton Demand

Georgia Cotton Commission Pleased with Field Day

China Cotton Demand to Rise for First Time in Six Years

Limited Cotton Consumption Growth Expected in 2015/16

PPO Inhibitors Shortcomings Prompt Concerns

Crop Rotation Helps With Nematode Control

Lots of Cotton Information Available on New Website

Cotton Demand and Markets Trending Up

Georgia Commodity Commissions Name New Board Members

New Web Site Gives Easy Access to Cotton Information

Deadline to Enroll in Key Farm Bill Safety Net Programs Approaches

The Value of Timely Defoliation

EPA Approves Warrant Ultra Herbicide for Cotton, Soybeans

USDA Issues Preliminary Deregulation for Enlist Cotton

Back to School Means More Cotton

Raising the Profile

UGA Cotton & Peanut Field Day Set for Sept. 9

Auctions Shift Only Fraction of China's Huge Cotton Stockpile

Pickable Bolls Unlikely from Texas Blooms

Monsoon Delay Affects Indian Cotton Farmer Sentiments

UGA Cotton & Peanut Research Field Day Coming Soon

Where Does This Wild Season Go From Here?

Market Frustration? Know When the Odds Are in Your Favor

Velum Total information page

No Counter for Georgia Cotton in 2015

Brake F16 Section 18 for Georgia

Georgia Cotton Commission on Certified Acreage

US Cotton, 'Actively Engaged' and Trade Issues

Solving the Nematode Puzzle

Read My Lips-It's All About Quality

GMOs Increase Cotton Farmer Revenue

Western Cotton Farmers Tour Georgia Agriculture

Georgia Cotton Farmer Attends PIE Tour in California

Ag Market Network Panelists Differ on Price Forecast

Potash Deficiency in Cotton

Chinese Cotton Forecast Cut as Farmers Reduce Planting

2015/16 Global Cotton Output Lowest in Six Years: USDA

Cotton Board Recommends $76 Million for 2016 Research and Promotion

500 Point Surge and Blind Hogs

Wake-Up Call for Old World Bollworm

National Cotton Council Concerned About Trans-Pacific Partnership

USDA Catches Cotton Market by Surprise With Big Drop in Forecast

Some Southeast Farmers Expect Record Yields, Most Don't

Cotton Futures Soar Limit Up, as US Slashes Harvest Hopes

Cotton Spin: Even More New Crop Tightening

On the Ropes, But Trying to Hold On

Update: ICE World Cotton Contract to Begin Trading in November

Why PPO Resistance Should 'Scare the Heck' Out of All Southeast Growers

Did US Export Data Warrent Sharp Fall in Cotton Futures

Georgia Cotton Commission Sponsoring High School Events

Cotton Future Hinges on Demand

No End in Sight in Global Cotton Glut

Cotton Leaf Spots

An Open Letter to US Cotton Farmers

Seeds of Change

Georgia Cotton Commission Board Approves Over $600,000 in Research

Update on Filling the UGA Cotton Agronomist Position

Farmers, Beekeepers Work Together to Protect Bees

Georgia Cotton Farmers Should Consider Rye as a Cover Crop

Market Movement Still Stuck in the Mud

Cotton Industry Needs to Address Manmade Fiber Issues Before Prices Can Improve

Old World Bollworm Found in US Poses Serious Risk to Cotton

Cotton Angular Leaf Spot

Maximizing Yield and Sulphur Management Skills

AgFax: Southeast Stinkbug and Aphids Update

Southeast Cotton Growers Tour California Farms

Cotton's Surprising Bull Run to End as China Imports Slump

Facing the New Challenges For Cotton

Now It's Turkey: Trade Policy Issues Still Plague Cotton Sector

As Farm Bill Implementation Proceeds, Challenges Remain for US Cotton

UGA Agronomist Stresses PGR Use for Georgia Cotton

Report and News Propel Cotton Prices Back South

No Change to Cotton Crop Forecast But Consumption Drops

Weeds: Are the Fugitives and Flushes Worth Getting?

Cotton Board's First Ever Women in Agriculture Tour

ICE World Cotton Contract on Track for Launch this Year

Cotton Faces Unrelenting Synthetics Competition

Can You Tell the Difference Between a Good and a Bad Stink Bug?

July Supply Demand Report Proves to Be a Bear in Bull's Clothing

Controlling Cotton Aphids Still a Judgment Call

Amid Uncertainties, Cotton Remains in a Holding Pattern

Nematode Management a Priority for Georgia Cotton Farmers

China to Start Cotton Reserves Sale July 10, Demand Seen Weak

2015/16: Another Season of Uncertainty

Nanotech Transforms Cotton Fibers into Modern Marvel

Cotton Spin: A Tightening Market Picture

Southeastern Cotton Producers to see San Joaquin Valley Agriculture

Cotton Transition Assistance Program Enrollment Begins

Georgia Cotton Commission Please with State Joining WOTUS Lawsuit

Farmers Fuming Over New EPA Water Plan

Farmers Plant Fewest Cotton Acres Since Early 1980s

ICAC Flags China Threat to Hopes for Cotton Price Stability

Lowest US Cotton Acreage in Three Decades? So, What Now?

Drop in Georgia Cotton Acreage Not Unexpected

Cotton Acreage Down 18 Percent

China, India Play Key Roles in Future of Cotton Prices

Late Week Fireworks Could Signal Something Bullish for Cotton

Farm Policy Makes Good Economics Sense

Industry's Emerging Leaders Exude Confidence

Cotton's Agenda: Conveying Concerns

Water Research-Major Industry Priority

Sunbelt Expo is a Top Location for Large-Scale Cotton Weed Research

Cotton Planting Map

Cotton Companion Episode 2 - Talkin' China

Unchanged Variables Keep Market Moving Nowhere Fast

Agri View: Historical Crops

Cotton Incorporated Looking at More Efficient Use of Water

Georgia Cotton Commission Please with House Ag Committee Action

Georgia Cotton: Variety Plant Growth Regulator Requirements

A Look at the Commodity Programs Farmers Pick and Why

House Ag Committee Moves to Amend US Cotton Futures Act

Cotton Spin: A Wait and See Market for Cotton

Prices Narrow, Yield Could End Better than Estimated

China Sales Notice Weakens Resolve in Cotton Futures

Challenges and Opportunities that the US Textile Industry Faces in Coming Year

Cotton Market Poised to Respond to Mother Nature

Cotton Planting Nearly Complete

Cotton Grower Enrollment Low in New STAX Program

Spotty Rains on Georgia Cotton Fields

Our View: Fight Foreign Subsidies, Don't Unilaterally Disarm

Georgia Cotton Commission Concerned with WOTUS Rule

What Will Georgia's Job Market Look Like in 2020?

The Effectiveness of COTTON LEADS

Continuous Improvement

R.I.P. - The Loan Chart

Best Stink Bug Strategy?

Cotton Remains in the Range, but Tempts Downside Support

Blue Jeans Go Green Supports Habitat for Humanity Build-a-Thon

Georgia Students Learn About the Cotton Industry

Why America's Cotton Producers Need Access to Affordable Crop Insurance

Cotton Yields-What Can Southeast Farmers Expect with El Nino?

Global 2015/16 Cotton Crop to be Down 7%: USDA

Georgia Cotton Planting Progress Improves

Despite Bearish Reports, Cotton Continues to Hold the Higher Ground

Pesticide Limits May Be Needed to Save Bees, White House Says

CCI Continues to Successfully Build Global Demand for U.S. Cotton

Georgia Cotton Farmers Participate in National Leadership Program

UGA Cotton Expert Gives Update on Cotton Marke

Cotton Spin: A New Look at the New Crop

Scouting for Thrips in Cotton

Velum Total Approved for Cotton, Peanuts in 2015

Talkin' Turkey About Political Trade Games

Deja Vue All Over Again?

Teaching Georgia Students About the Cotton Industry

Final 2014 Cotton Numbers

Market Up and Down, But Not Down and Out

Cotton Market: "Fish or Cut Bait" Decision

Mr. Xi, and others, Tear Down These Walls

USDA Approves Monsanto Cotton and Soybean Traits

Seeking Nominations for Georgia Cotton Commission Board

New Entomologist Eyes Different Approach in Studying Insects

Fighting Thrips is All About Timing

Cotton's New Compaign: Check Those Labels

Is the Cotton Market Showing Longer Legs?

Cotton Producers Scrambling for Nematicide Replacement

Securing Adequate Provision

Cotton Prices Fail to Advance

Market Bumps Upward as the Weather Watch Begins

Cotton May Be Headed Higher Into June

Cotton Spin: Closing the Global Gap

Georgia Commodity Commissions Accepting Nominations for Board Members

Part I: Reclaiming the Market for US Cotton

Part II: Reclaiming the Market for US Cotton

Part III: Reclaiming the Market for US Cotton

Part IV: Reclaiming the Market for US Cotton

NCC Selects 2015-16 Class for Emerging Leaders Program

Cotton Genome Milestone

Brazil WTO Case Behind Changes in Cotton Policy

Georgia Cotton Commission Represents Growers in DC

Market Lows Remain Higher, Even With Recent Price Dip

Clemson, International Team Crack Genetic Code of Upland Cotton

Cotton Spin: The Cotton Market Treading Water

Cotton Incorporated Gets Authentic for Latest Ads

Water Efficiency in Cotton: Researchers Step Up Focus

Is Focus on Banning Pesticides Hurting Efforts to Rescue Bees?

Guest Editorial: Cotton Industry Faces Mulitple Challenges to Maintain Reasonable Farm Policy

NCC Names New Economics Services Director

Prices Head North to "Testing Ground"

New Stink Bug Has Potential to Hurt State's Cotton and Blueberry Crops

Cotton Leader: Let's Remind Customers They Love Our Fabric

The Low Price Leader

Georgia Cotton Commission Promoting Online Survey

Tight Supplies of Quality Cotton Poised to Drive Market Higher

Cotton Variety Test Comparisons Now Available Online

When it Comes to Cotton Thrips, Planting Date and Tillage Matter

Make or Break: Silver Linings for US Cotton Acres

Cotton Inc. Urges Grower Input for Natural Resource Survey

Planting Intentions Report Has Cotton Acres Lower in 2015

USDA Planting Intentions: Time for Market to Focus on Other Realities

Expected Cotton Acreage Even Lower than Predicted

2015 8th Annual Meeting

Living Under the 'Volcano' of China's Cotton Policies

Cotton 'Most Bullish Row Crop', says Rabobank

Cotton Fertility Options in Times of Low Commodity Prices

Cotton Growers Look to Save Cost in Down Year

Cotton Futures Remain Low as Planting Season Nears

Top Reasons Why Cotton Herbicide Programs Fail

Fear, Inaccurate Information Surrounding Pollinators Issue

Cotton Variety Selection Key to Overcoming Low Prices

US Cotton: Quality Continues a Major Emphasis

Dull Trading Likely in a Stumbling, Mumbling Market

Proposed "Waters of the US" Rule Overly Burdensome, Says NCC

Cotton Spin: Lingering El Nino Possibilities

Steps to Strategically Manage Cotton Nematodes in 2015

Georgia Cotton Enterprise Budgets for 2015 Available Online

Cotton Growers Doing a Bit Better Than Expected in Exports

It's March Madness as Cotton Prices Tumble

Cotton Spin: External Influences to Cotton Prices

Marketing Loan Program Still Paying Off for US Cotton Producers

Up or Down, 'Just Keep on Farming'

Plant Cotton for the Total Returns, Not Cotton Futures

Overcoming Obstacles

The Newest Frontier

Cotton Market Sliding Along with No Drastic Moves

Manufacturers Know Quality of US Cotton

Cotton Post Longest Slump in 16 Months as China Demand Wanes

What Time of Day to Spray Pigweed?

What Would a Ban on Neonicotinoids Mean?

Record Stocks Held Outside China

US Reforms Farm Policy While Foreign Competitors Ramp Up Trade-Distoring Subsidies

Changing the WTO Narrative

Lower Cotton Acreage Expected This Year

Looking at Possible Georgia Cotton Acreage This Year

Not Surprisingly, Market Improvement Slows Down

Cotton Growers Could Receive 72-73 Cents for Cotton in 2015

Cotton 'Singled Out' in Brazil Case, Farm Bill, NCC Chairman Says

The House That Cotton Built

NCC: No Adverse Farm Law Changes or Budget Reductions

Required Farmer Training Rolls Out Ahead of New Cotton Herbicide Launch

Quality Continues to Drive Cotton's 'Joyful Ride'

Cotton Spin: What is the Quality fo the Chinese Cotton Reserves?

China's Cotton Pricing Structure Leading to More Polyester Use

Cotton Prices to Stay Weak in 2015-16

Market Faces Long and Crooked Row to Higher Prices

Proactive Approach to Develop Disease Resistant Cotton Varieties

No More Mr. Nice Guy for US Cotton Industry

Georgia Cotton Commission Co-sponsors Production Meetings

USDA Raises US Cotton Export Forecast

Cotton Spin: A Tightening US Cotton Situation

Coalition Opposes President's Proposed Crop Insurance Cuts

2014 Georgia Quality Cotton Awards

Cotton Market Making Progress

Consumption May Overtake Production in 2015/16

Market is Scrambling for Quality Cotton

Georgia Producers Learn About Cotton LEADS

Jordan Lea-The Time is Now

Successful Self-Investment

Gary Adams Elected National Cotton Council President/CEO

Lee Cromley Elected as CCI Director

NCC Survey Projects 9.4 Million Acres of US Cotton in 2015

Growers Talk Cotton at NCC Annaul Meeting

China to Direct Farm Machinery Subsidies to Growers of Key Crops

Georgia Cotton Commission Meeting Features Market Info, Awards

Keith Brown Makes Adjustments to Tackle Challenging Crop Season Ahead

Mark Lange Outlines 2014 Farm Bill and Challenges for Cotton Farmers

Will the US Sell Out of Cotton?

Neonicotinoids-Crucial for Cotton

Cotton Varieties Perform Despite Extremes

US Cotton Acreage Seen at Lowest Since 2009 After Prices Slump

Georgia Cotton Producers Get a Washington Update

Georgia Cotton Commission Pleased with Annual Meeting

India Moves to Stabilize Their Cotton Market

China to Lead Drop in World Cotton Output in 2015-16

Market Struggles with Black Swans and Bears

Glyphosate-Resistant Palmer Amaranth Still a Concern for Georgia Cotton Growers

Make Contamination Free Cotton

50 Years of Georgia Cotton Commission at Annual Meeting

Deltapine Top Brand, PHY 499 WRF Top Cotton Variety for 2014

Ramping Up the Outreach for Enlist Technology

Learning About the RoundUp Ready Xtend Platform

Issues to Watch in Cotton Industry

Cotton Spin: So What Will 2015 Bring?

India Starts Selling Cotton to Cut Back Large Stockpiles

Prices Struggle as New Round of Weakness Sets In

Cotton Market Falls to Lowest in More Than Five Years

Cotton Futures Hit Five Year Low - Despite Bumper US Exports

Register Now for Georgia Cotton Commission Annual Meeting

Cotton's Humble Advocate

Precision Seeding Rates Can Increase Efficiencies and Savings

UGA Sets PGR Requirements for 2015

UGA Physiologist Wins National Award

Georgia Cotton Producers Reminded of County Production Meetings

New Herbicides Still Require Proven Cultural Practices

Agricultural Scientist Digging Into Pollinator Issues

Farm Press, The Cotton Foundation Continue Environmental Partnership

Cotton Prices Continue Treading Water

Cotton Production Numbers Increase

Cotton Futures Could Show Some Life Due to Chinese Quality Issues, Falling Oil Prices

What's Next for Cotton?

China Still Big Factor in Cotton Market

'Bale of Cotton is Not the Same as Bushel of Soybeans'

World Cotton Acreage Could Decline by 10 Percent in 2015

GCC Holding Annual Meeting January 28

NCC  Looks at Key Issues for Congress

Secretary Announces Cotton Board Appointments

Guy Collins Announced as 2015 Extension Cotton Specialist of the Year

Low Cotton Prices a 'Long-term Problem' says ICAC

Cotton Grower Acreage Survey: 2015

China: A Bear Market Looming for 2015?

Cotton Market End of Year Thoughts and Looking to 2015

Cotton Prices to Remain Flat Heading into 2015 Due to Large World Supply

Campaign Aimed at Chinese Consumers

Georgia Cotton Commission Looks Back at 2014

Slightly Better Price Prospects for Cotton Producers

Cotton Spin: A Longer View of the Cotton Market

Current Market Level Holding Its Ground

Tough Weed: Reward Versus Risk of New Auxin Seeds, Herbicides on the Farm

Georgia Cotton Commission Pleased with Research Efforts

24-Hour Cotton Fashion Show

The True Value of Cotton LEADS

Market Bumps Up on News of Small US Crops Numbers

Cotton Outlook: Global Trade to Decline in 2014-15

More Tinkering With Cotton Supply

US Lifts Cotton Price Hopes, But Warns Over India's Export Prospects

Cotton Production Forecast Down From Last Month

Cotton Research on Saving Water for Laundry

Georgia Cotton Commission on Adjusted Production Numbers

Cotton Market is Ripe for a Rally

Georgia Cotton Commission Looks Forward to Annual Meeting

Expected Cotton Price Drop Occurs After Price Spike

Good Fiber: US, Australian Cotton Under Cotton LEADS Deemed 'Biopreferred'

Seed Treatments Provide Protection for Fast Starts - and Profitability

China Cotton Stocks to Prove Smaller Than Thought

Georgia Growers Lay the Blueprint for Pigweed Control

Cotton Continues to Compete Against Synthetics

Denim Mill Closing is a Wakeup Call

Looking Back: Cotton Still 'King of the South'

Quality Will Carry US Growers Through the 2015 Crop

The Davis Brothers of Georgia Produce a Cotton Cash Crop

Seamless Leadership Change at the National Cotton Council

Cotton Crop Not Fazed by Early-November Frost

Meetings Provide Farmers With Details on STAX Program

I Mean It This Time. The Bottom Is In.

Is it Possible that US Production May Fall Short of USDA Projections?

Cotton 'Best Bet' Amoung Crops, and Soybeans Worst

Plunging Cotton Prices Spurring Farmers to Reduce Planting

Is it Profitable to Reduce Cotton Seeding Rates?

"Gone Pull Through" Ginning Video

New Round of Weakness Sets In

Cotton Spin: Looking Ahead to Next Year

Georgia Cotton Commission Pleased with STAX Meetings

Technology Keeping Cotton in the Game

App Used in Managing Stink Bugs in Cotton

Gary Adams Named to be Next President, CEO of National Cotton Council

Georgia  Cotton Producer Pleased with Research Efforts

New Focus on Cotton Webcast Discusses Viruses and Leaf Curl

Regulatory Logistics Delaying Launch of World Cotton Contract

Cotton Incorporated Involved with Various Research Efforts

Cotton Market's Bottom Looks Firmer, Buyers Still Stay Away

Prices Still on the Path to Nowhere

Four Things You Need to Know About the Cotton Market

No Change to Cotton Harvest Forecast

Synthetic Fibers Surpass Cotton to Dominate US Apparel Imports

China Sets Price for Cotton Subsidy Scheme Outside Key Growing Region

Prices Hint That the Market Botton Is In

Make Sure Conservation Compliance Up to Date with FSA

Farm Bill: What You Need to do to Start Getting Benefits

Decision Time

Farmers Harvesting Cotton in 'Good Average Year'

STAX-Farm Bill Workshops Coming to Georgia

With WTO Brazil Settled, Cotton Cast a Wary Eye on Chinese Policy

Goblins Keep Coming - Look for Jan. Rally

Thoughts From the World's Largest Cotton Patch

Dry Weather Causes Problems for Some South Georgia Farmers

Cotton Prices Close on a High Note

Georgia Cotton Producers Urged to Attend Crop Management Seminar

APH to Give Farmers Flexible Options

Terrell Jones Creates and Sells Shirts Made From His Own Cotton

Same Song, Same Tune - Market Sings the Low-to-Mid 60s Blues

Keep and Eye on Profitability When Choosing Cotton Varieties

NCC to Hold STAX-Farm Bill Workshops

Sleepy Market Hiding Potential Volatility

USDA Designates 6 Counties in Georgia as Primary Natural Disaster Areas

Helping to Manage Herbicide Resistant Weeds

Cotton Board Planning Tours of Cotton Incorporated

Managing Pigweed Cost - Start Clean, Treat Early, Stay Focused

Artifical Tightness Holding Up Cotton Prices for Now

Cotton Target Spot Questions Remain, But Yield Loss is Real

Cotton Production Up With No Changes to Acreage

Georgia Cotton Growers Reminded of Lint Contamination Issues

Getting Consumers Thoughts About Cotton

Chinese Government Now a Marketplace Fundamental

South GA Cotton Farmers Experiencing a Tough Year

Forgotten Crop: Cottonseed More than Just an Afterthought

Efforts to Improve Cotton From Fiber to Fabric

Beltwide Cotton Conference San Antonio Jan. 5

Georgia Cotton Commission Pleased with Agreement

2015 Upland Cotton Marketing Assistance Loan Rate Announced

Lower World Cotton Prices to Persist in 2014/15

Hedge Funds, Revisited

NCC Commends Resolution of Brazil WTO Dispute

Cotton is Not Always a Natural Choice

Research Efforts Continue for Georgia Cotton Growers

Confusion Reigns in Market Following China Cotton Policy Announcements

Cotton Prices Tumble

Georgia Cotton Specialist Look at Crop

Cotton Incorporated Helping Grower Profitability

Cotton Reaches Lowest Since 2009 on China Import Limits

A Look At Georgia Cotton Harvest, Production From 70 Years Ago

China May Cut Cotton Imports, Implement Price Supports

China Quota Cut Leaves Cotton Market 'In a Coma'

China to Cut Cotton Import Quotas to Boost Demand for Domestic Fibre

US Cotton Growers Facing Stiff Global Competition

Remaining Production and Quality Questions

Making Cotton Plants Water Use Efficient

Demand for High Quality Propping Up Cotton Prices

China Stands by New Cotton Policy Even After Market Rout

Georgia Cotton Growers Looking Forward to Harvest

Cotton Growers Lose Money at Current Market Price

What to Expect from Congress

Georgia Cotton Growers Attend Field Day

Help Keep Contaminates Out of U.S. Cotton

As Harvest Begins, Make Your Cotton Contamination Free

Cotton Crop Report

Cotton Incorporated Helping Producer Profitability

Why You Should Check FSA on Your Acreage History for Base Reallocation

Peanut, Cotton Growers Tour UGA's Crop Research

Cotton May Stay Below $.70 in 2015, Economist Says

New Cotton Webcast Focus on Using Yield Monitor Data for Precision Planning

Spider Mite Damage on Cotton Worst Since '50s and '60s

Don't Let Down Guard on Stink Bugs in Cotton

Growers Must Sign Up for Cotton Transistion Assistance Payment by Oct. 7

Bayer Responds to Recent Announcements Regarding Neonicotinoids

New Nematode-Resistant Cotton a Step Up in Yield Potential

Cotton Pickin' Industry

Cotton Researchers Study Drift to Prepare for Xtend, Enlist

Intangibles Bring Value to On-Board Module Systems

Ag Market Network Adds Weekly Cotton Updates

Industry Must Stop Contamination

Export Market Bumping Prices Upward

India & China Vie for Top Spot in 2014-15 Cotton Output

UGA Cotton-Peanut Research Field Day Next Week

Harvest Season Nearing for Some Georgia Cotton Fields

A Change in China's Cotton Policy is Coming, Just Don't Ask When

Cotton Prices Show Fiant Signs of Life

Cotton Growers Have CTAP Until STAX Starts

Georgia Cotton Commission Looking Forward to Field Day

Market Bumps Up Over World Supply Worries

Will We Really Have 17.5 Million Bales of US Cotton?

Georgia Cotton Commission Has Info About Decision Aids

Cotton Being Beat Down by Dry Hot Conditions

Cotton, Peanuts Focus of Research at Sunbelt Ag Expo

Plenty of Cotton

Cotton Prices Close to Finding a Bottom?

Cotton Outlook Neutral to Bearish on August Crop Report

STAX for Cotton Ready for 2015 Crop

NCC Commends RMA for Timely Implementation of STAX for Cotton

USDA Cotton Crop Report

New SCO Coverage for Cotton Growers

Prices Again Try to Consolidate

The Cotton Board to Recommend $80 Million Budget to Secretary of Agriculture

Cotton Transition Assistance Program Enrollment Begins Next Week

More Options Exist for Nematode Control

Nomination Being Accepted for Georgia Cotton Commission

Cotton Varieties on Display at Expo Field Day

Converging of Polyester & Cotton Prices to Improve Demand

The Cotton Board July 2014 Cotton Leader

Monsanto Ramping Up Education for Roundup Ready Xtend Technology, New Dicamba Products

New Crop Insurance Option

Cotton Spin: Continued Weakness in Cotton Prices

Policy Change Could Trim Chinese Cotton Acres

Texas Rain, Monsoons and Cotton Prices All Linked in Bearish Market

Target Spot in Cotton

When Will China Tip Hand in Cotton Market?

China: Still the Elephant in Cotton's Room

Good Weaher is Bad: Cotton Prices Tumble as US Producers Expect Bumper Crop

Experts Peg US Cotton Crop at 17.7 Million Bales

Cotton Market Continues to Bleed

Cotton Market Update

New 'Focus on Cotton' Webinar Looks at Southeast Irrigation, Foliar Diseases

Georgia Cotton Issues Discussed on a Regular Basis

AgSouth Farm Credit AGAware Program

More Stacked Trait Cottons on the Way to Improve Control, Preserve Techonolgy

Cotton LEADS Receives Nod From More than 200 Textile Businesses

Beet Armyworms Feeding on Pigweed, Threaten Move to Georgia Cotton

Georgia Cotton Pest Decision Aid App Available

Over Half of Cotton Crop in Good to Excellent Condition

Cotton Market Ready for a Low Price Cure

Research Efforts Continue for Georgia Cotton Growers

Cotton Production Expected to Rise

As China's Cotton Acres Shrink, Door Opens to More US Sales

Georgia Cotton Farmers Join Opposition to New Federal Water Rule

Cotton Crop Faring Well

Cotton Market Implodes

ICAC-Big Stocks Loom Over Cotton Market

Cotton PGRs: Why One Size Doesn't Fit All Anymore

Large US Cotton Crop Potential Dampening Price Outlook

Cotton Farmers Have Plethora of Options in Which to Irrigate

Cotton PGR Rainfastness

Cotton Prices Fall as Farmers Raise Plantings

Cotton Oil Prices Seen Declining Ater US Shortage

Rising Stocks, Reduced Imports Puts Downward Pressure on Price

Cotton Progress Coming Along

Georgia Cotton Crop Doing Well

Surprised with Cotton Acreage in Georgia

The New Frontier in Nematode Control

Cotton's Front Burner-China, Farm Law, Supply-Demand, Weather

US. Cotton Growers Decided to Plant More

NASS: Cotton, Peanut Acreage Up in 2014

Cotton Acreage Up Nine Percent

Cotton Moves Into Blooming Stage

Don't Flare Up Spider Mites in Cotton

Precision "Everything" Gives US Cotton Big Advantages

Timeliness Vital with New Cotton Herbicide Technology

Cotton: A Natural Fiber, But Not a Natural Choice for Manufacturers

Like Poker, Cotton Market Full of Bluffs and Calls

Cotton Spin: Unfolding Uncertainty in US Cotton Outlook

Southeast Growers Pleased with Cotton Inc. Tour

Georgia Cotton Growers Urged to Learn About Grants

Cotton Farmers Learning About Their Investment

Cotton Crop Maturing Nicely from Coast to Coast

Cotton Board Confirms $80 Million for Cotton Research and Promotion

Deltapine NPE Growers Begin Evaluating Variety Candidates for Class of 15

EPA Proposes Registration of Enlist Duo Herbicide, Comment Period Open

Five Keys to Higher Cotton Yields

NCC Multi-Commodity Education Program Taking Cotton Producers to Montana

USDA Says Cotton Planting Nearly Complete, Early Crop in Good Shape

2014 P.I.E. Tour Dates Set

Georgia Cotton Planting Progressing Well

Patience is a Virture in Technology Development

Choosing Research Priorities for Georgia Cotton Commission

Cotton Prices to Drop to Five-Year Low in 2014-15

Rain Washes Markets Lower, Watch for Short Term Volatility

Is Cotton the New Aluminum?

Cotton Spin: 2014 U.S. Cotton Crop Projected Tighter

UGA Set to Host Cotton Scout School

Cotton Planting in Many States Now Ahead of Five-Year Average

Shurley on Cotton: Market Will Remain Erratic, Uncertain

Spring Rains Force Cotton Growers to Delay Planting

'Organic Era' of Agriculture Saw Consistantly Low Yields, Returns

Counter Insecticide for Cotton in Georgia

New Focus on Cotton Webcast Detail High-Yield Fertilization, Palmer Amaranth Control

High Quality Give U.S. Cotton a Competitive Edge

Authentic Blue Jeans

Thrips and Weeds in Cotton

US Cotton Inventories for 2014-15 Rising as China Demand Drops

Cotton Market Surprisingly Calm, All Eyes on the Weather

Getting U.S. Cotton Back in the Consumer Conversation

Cotton Market Remains Strong

Watching Cotton Abandonment Rates Closely

Cotton Planting Slow, But Price High
EPA says proposed CWA rule change will benefit agriculture

A closer look at USDA’s prospective cotton planting report

Brake F2 Herbicide for Palmer amaranth

A Look at the Current Cotton Market

NCC Pleased with Farm Bill Education Meetings

New Favorable Forecast for Cotton Growers

Pesticides Unfairly Targeted For Pollinator Decline 

UGA Cotton Team Announces Cotton Scout Schools

Georgia Cotton Commission Unveils Updated Website

2014 Crop Managment Seminar and Workshops

Georgia Historical Cotton Acreage and Production

A Closer Look at Projected Cotton Plantings for Georgia

Economic Contribution of Cotton Production in the Georgia Economy

Cotton LEADS Acknowledged By More Than 100 Textile Businesses

Chammoun Joins Cotton Commission

2014 Annual Meeting Success

2014 Annual Meeting
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